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Premium Plugins Authenticator 2.0.8

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    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Authenticator is an advanced staff authentication system.

    • Upon first logging in, the player will be prompted to set a password
    • While logging in, the player cannot move, take damage, break or place blocks or execute commands, and they are given blindness and teleported away
    • Conditional Punishment System
    • BungeeCord Support: Log in once after a server restart and stay logged in when switching servers
    • Timeout: If the player takes longer than a configurable amount of time to log in, they will be kicked from the server
    • Two modes: Normal Mode, where the player has to input their password, and Secure Mode, where the player has to input a key sent to the console
    • String metric support: (Configurable) In secure mode, the typed key only has to be so close to the expected key (the player can substitute l (lowercase L) for I (uppercase i) etc.)
    • Passwords aren't stored in the plain text form; only their BCrypt salted hash gets stored as binary data, so not even the server owner knows the players' passwords
    • Advanced command system for resetting passwords and reloading configuration files
    • Extensive general and language configuration
    • Automatic update checking


    Note: These pictures are not up-to-date; a few messages have been altered.

    • /auth command - permission - description
    • /auth help - authenticator.cmd.help - Displays a help page
    • /auth reload [config1,config2,etc] - authenticator.cmd.reload - Reloads the specified or all configuration files
    • /auth reset <player | uuid> - authenticator.cmd.reset - Resets the password of a player
    • /auth [version] - authenticator.cmd.version - Displays version information
    • /auth update - authenticator.cmd.update - Checks for updates
    • /auth require <player> - authenticator.cmd.require - Requires authentication of <player>
    • /auth setpw <new_password> - authenticator.cmd.setpw - Allows players to update their password if they have already set one

    Note: The comments may be a bit off-place, this is due to HTML not rendering all whitespace. All default resources can also be viewed atfiles.coloredcarrot.com/spigot-authenticator/v2.0.8/

    Conditional Punishment System

    Secure Mode Key Comparison

    1. Download and drag Authenticator-v2.x.x into your plugins folder. You may wish to check the integrity:
    2. Restart the server
    3. Edit the configuration files
    4. Use /auth reload to reload the configurations
    5. Enjoy!

    • Give player blindness and teleport him away while logging in
    • Add a command system: /auth[enticator]
    • Email password reset system
    • Messages config
    • Add a little bit of salt to the password hashes
    • Add a command to require authentication
    • Auto-Updater
    By downloading / buying this plugin, you agree to the following terms of service:
    1. You will not reupload, resell, or in any way make this plugin available to anyone for any reason
    2. You will not get a refund under any circumstances
    3. You will only use this plugin on one server (BungeeCord networks count as one)
    4. You will not decompile or in any way change anything included in the plugin jar file
    5. I hold the right to change these TOS whenever I wish to, without any notification

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