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plugins kiểu thực hiện command trong npc ( không rõ lắm ạ -.-)

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    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Người phát triển:
    Mạng -.-

    1.8 TO 1.11 VERSIONS!

    Recommended 1.8

    A very powerfull reward plugin for your server!

    Fully configurable, configurable permission per reward, mysql support, votifier support, three different states per reward and more!

    It requiers a MySQL Database (or use local SQLite) and Citizens plugin.

    This is a plugin thinked for Networks!

    Servers ussing it:
    mc.gamesmadeinpola.com (Spanish)
    unitycrafters.net (Spanish)
    If you need any help, contact me or make a post in discussion.

    You can post your suggestions in the discussion.


    • Customizable Menu ➽ Size, Title, sounds, items and more!
    • Optimized code ➽ Highly optimized code
    • Real time Menu-Updating ➽ Update the menu to show cooldown's real time.
    • Full Cooldown format ➽ Fully configurable cooldown format per reward.
    • Unlimited cooldown time ➽ You can set the time you want; days, weeks, months, etc!
    • NEW! Own hologram system (Updated) ➽ Source: https://github.com/eltrueno/TruenoHologram
    • Animated holograms ➽ Posibility of show animated lines in the holograms
    • NEW! Head support ➽ head skin in the reward menu. Just search a head value in any webpage and put it in the item_id you want to show the head wit a "head:" before. Ex: https://gyazo.com/79daec76ac0843b674630257045a65f6
    • Claimable rewards variable in holograms ➽ Posibility of show the number of rewards that the player can claim in the holograms.
    • SQL ➽ uses a MySQL database or a local SQLite database
    • Supports votifier ➽ For voting webs
    • 2 Different types of Rewards ➽ normal and votifier.
    • 2 Different types of Cooldowns ➽ normal, and one_time
    • 3 configurable states ➽ claimable, cooldown and no_permission
    • Customizable message per state ➽ messages for the 3 states: claimable, cooldown and no_permission
    • Join Message ➽ 3 states join message: no reward, singular and plural.
    • Each reward is extremely configurable
    - Claim Commands / Votifier recive commands
    - Permission
    - (Claimable / Cooldown / no_permission) Item Name
    - (Claimable / Cooldown / no_permission) Item Lore
    - (Claimable / Cooldown / no_permission) Item Type
    - (Claimable / Cooldown / no_permission) Item Data
    - (Claimable / Cooldown / no_permission) Item Amount
    - (Claimable / Cooldown / no_permission) Item Slot
    - (Cooldown / Cooldown / no_permission) Message
    - (Cooldown / Cooldown / no_permission) Sound
    • And much more!


    • /sdm create ➽ Create a npc - sdm.admin
    • /sdm list ➽ Show a list of the npc ids - sdm.admin
    • /sdm remove [id] ➽ Remove a specific npc - sdm.admin
    • /sdm reload ➽ Reload the plugin - sdm.admin
    • /sdm gui ➽ Open reward gui - none

    • 1. Purchase and download the plugin.
    • 2. Place the plugin in your server's /plugins/ directory.
    • 3. Configure the config files.
    • 4. Restart or reload the server.
    • 5. Creates all NPCs you want.
    • 7. Enjoy! :3


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