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Premium Plugins EasyBackup (Chống trẻ trâu phá server) 2.7.0

Bảo vệ file server của bạn với EasyBackup ;)

  1. Chất Chơi Người Dơi
    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Người phát triển:
    EasyBackup sẽ backup tất cả mọi thứ trong server. Kể cả:
    worlds, logs, plugins, spigot jar và tất cả các file khác (wow cái này ngon nè :)) )
    [​IMG]Backup tất cả files thành file zip
    Backup cơ sở dữ liệu MySQL
    Backup theo lịch
    Backup nhanh
    Mã hóa an toàn (AES)
    Tự động upfile backup lên FTP

    (hỗ trợ FTP, FTPS (SSL) và SFTP (SSL))
    Không gây lag
    (tự động làm chậm phiên backup nếu server bị lag)
    Dễ dàng sử dụng
    Cài đặt ngôn ngữ :>
    Giới hạn Backup

    (tự động xóa các file Backup cũ)
    (tự động xóa player data và log cũ)
    Bảo mật config
    Kiểm tra an toàn

    (tránh sử dụng nhiều hơn dung lượng đĩa bạn có)
    Kiểm tra ổ đĩa
    (xem số lượng file và kích thước server trên ổ đĩa)
    (chạy command khi đang tiến hành backup)
    Hỗ trợ Spigot ,BungeeCord
    Gửi email thông báo

    Compression có thể chỉnh giữa 1 và 10. Level nén lớn nhất là 10. Level nén càng lớn thì càng tốn thời gian để backup nhưng file backup sẽ nhỏ hơn​
    #Controls when backups are automatically made
    #For daily backups, just enter the time.
    #If you do not include AM or PM, it will be in military time.
    #To backup on specific days, write the day before the time on the same line
    #To be safe, put single quotes around your backup schedule: '17:30'
    - HOUR:MINUTE AM (Exclude day for daily)
    - HOUR:MINUTE (24 hour time)
    - Mon Wed Fri 7:00
    - 4:00 AM

    #If 5 backups are made, the oldest one will be deleted
    maxBackupsBeforeErase: 4

    #1 is fastest but has a bigger file
    #10 is slowest but creates a small file
    compressionLevel_1-10: 5

    #If your TPS drops too low, this will notify you
    #and slow down the backup for you
    slowdownWhenServerLags: true
    showSlowdownMessage: true

    #Prevents backups from using up all disk space
    safeties: true

    #Shows important messages for testing purposes
    debug: false

    #Name of each backup
    name: backup_%time%

    #Extension of backup.
    #Can use: rar, zip, tar.gz
    extension: rar

    #Folders and files which will not be backed up
    #Use relative paths from your server folder
    #To not backup playerdata for world_nether, do this:
    #- world_nether/playerdata
    - example/this/folder/wont/backup
    - example/folder
    - example/file.yml

    #Folder backups are saved to
    #To use a path from a drive, place a colon before the path
    #Example: :D:/Games/MCServer
    saveFolder: plugins/EasyBackup/Backups

    #Folder which is backed up
    #Don't change this unless you know what you are doing
    masterFolder: .

    #Should be false to prevent forceop players from creating backups
    allowInGameCommands: false

    #Tell admins the percent complete for each backup
    notifyAdmins: true

    #Password placed on the zip files
    #Set to password to not have a password
    #This looks like jiberish, but this is encrypted to prevent people from viewing it
    backupPassword: '%c1%*FC*jpxL<qb\..5K]kkb%d.C,=='

    #Time formats:
    #1 = Jan 1, 2018 1-35-10
    #2 = 2018_01_01_03-09-34
    #3 = 2018-232 10-45 (232 is the day of the year)
    timeFormat: 1

    #Automatically upload backup to FTP server
    #Do not use sshKey if you do not know how to
    #The protocol can be: SFTP, FTP, or FTPS.
    #To find the right protocol, login to your FTP server via FileZilla
    #the protocol will be displayed on the title of the application
    #This is manually entered to make it more secure
    enable: false
    hostname: ftp.example.com
    port: 21
    protocol: sftp
    username: user
    password: "%c1%*FC*(C_W/\\Nr89V\xa7\xa7K7Om0lBzK=="
    sshKey: ''
    saveLocation: .
    deleteAfterSuccess: false
    maxBackupsBeforeErase: 4

    #Able to backup MySQL databases
    #For each new database, add a new "db2" and add the sub-config settings as shown here
    #You can even exempt tables
    enable: false
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    username: root
    password: "%c1%*FC*TikZDF`\\TYV;A+\tX#Mn\\=="
    database: database
    - table

    #This is used to get rid of old logs and playerdata
    #Player data is set to false by default
    cleanBeforeBackup: true
    enable: true
    daysOld: 4
    enable: false
    daysOld: 365
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_end

    #This is used to run commands for certain parts of a backup
    enable: false
    - start commands
    - finish commands
    - cancel commands
    - start sql commands
    - 50% for sql commands
    - finish sql commands
    - cancel sql commands
    - fail sql commands
    - start zip commands
    - 50% for zip commands
    - finish zip commands
    - cancel zip commands
    - fail zip commands
    - start upload commands
    - 50% for upload commands
    - finish upload commands
    - cancel upload commands
    - fail upload commands
    noPerm: '&4You do not have permission to do /backup.'
    '1': '&b&lUsage:'
    '2': '&a/backup create &7-&e Creates backup'
    '3': '&a/backup cancel &7-&e Cancels any backup in progress'
    '4': '&a/backup info &7-&e Check if a backup is in progress and get other info'
    '5': '&a/backup reload &7-&e Reloads the config'
    '7': '&a/backup disk &7-&e View disk information'
    '8': '&a/backup ftp &7-&e Upload latest backup'
    '90': '&a/backup clean &7-&e Delete old playerdata and logs'
    backupSchedule: '&6Backup schedule: &7'
    delay: '&6Backup Delay (Hours): &7'
    maxbk: '&6Max backups: &7'
    backingup: '&6Backing up: &7'
    percent: '&6Backup percent: &7'
    compression: '&6Compression: &7'
    current: '&6Current files in backup folder:'
    currentcolor: '&7'
    noCancel: '&cThere is no backup to cancel.'
    inProgress: '&cA backup is in already progress.'
    reloaded: '&aConfig reloaded.'
    failedReload: '&cFAILED TO RELOAD CONFIG - Error message sent to console.'
    startFrom: '&6[EasyBackup] &fStarting server backup from: '
    savingTo: '&6[EasyBackup] &fSaving to: '
    backupSaved: '&6[EasyBackup] &fBackup saved!'
    failedToSaveBk: '&6[EasyBackup] &cFAILED TO SAVE BACKUP!'
    zipping: '&6[EasyBackup] &fZipping file: &7'
    zippingFolder: '&6[EasyBackup] &fZipping folder: &7'
    failedToZipFile: '&6[EasyBackup] &cFAILED TO ZIP FILE: &7'
    failedToZipFolder: '&6[EasyBackup] &cFAILED TO ZIP FOLDER: &7'
    backupStarted: '&aBackup started.'
    savedPercent: '&6[EasyBackup] &9Backup: &7%percent%% %mb% / %totalmb% mb saved.'
    canceledBk: '&aCanceled backup.'
    slowDown: '&6[EasyBackup] &cBackup slowing down since server is lagging.'
    speedUp: '&6[EasyBackup] &fBackup has returned back to max speed.'
    noInGameCommands: '&cIn game commands have been disabed by the EasyBackup config.'
    start: '&6Starting FTP upload.'
    folder: '&6Created FTP folder.'
    finished: '&6Finished FTP upload!'
    failed: '&cFTP UPLOAD FAILED! (Check credentials) (Also make sure you are using
    the right protocol: FTP, FTPS, SFTP)'
    loginFailed: '&cFTP LOGIN FAILED.'
    login: '&6Logged into FTP server.'
    connectFailed: '&cFTP CONNECTION FAILED.'
    percent: '&fFTP Backup percent: &7'
    timeout: '&cFTP connection timed out.'
    trySSH: '&6Attempting to connect to ftp via SSH.'
    connectedSSH: '&6Connection established!'
    loadingDir: '&6Loading FTP save directory.'
    beginSSH: '&6Starting SSH upload!'
    deleteAfter: '&fDeleting local backup file.'
    failedDelete: '&cFailed to delete local backup file!'
    successDelete: '&aLocal backup file deleted! Backup complete!'
    tryProtocol: '&6Using protocol: '
    fileLoadFail: '&cFailed to load backup file. Is it being used by another program?'
    diskFull: '&cThere is not enough diskspace to make a backup!'
    begin: '&eThere is room on disk for backup. Beginning. Backing up: &f'
    disk: '&6Gathering disk information...'
    disk2: '&6Files: &7'
    disk3: '&6Folders: &7'
    disk4: '&6Space used: &7'
    disk5: '&6Space available: &7'
    start: '&6Starting MySQL backup!'
    complete: '&6Finished backing up MySQL databases.'
    percent: '&6[EasyBackup] &9MySQL (%database%): &7%percent%% saved.'
    FILE_CREATE_FAIL: '&cFailed to create file for table: &7%0'
    FAIL_WRITE_FILE: '&cFailed to write to sql backup file for table: &7%0'
    SQL_COUNT_FAIL: '&cFailed to count rows for sql table: &7%0'
    FAIL_READ_TABLE: '&cFailed to read rows for sql table: &7%0'
    UNSUPPORTED_DATATYPE: '&eTable &7''%0'' &ecannot be backed up because it contains
    an unsupported datatype: &7%1'
    FAIL_TABLE: '&cUnable to backup sql table: &7%0'
    SUCCESS_TABLE: '&aTable ''%0'' successfully saved!'
    SQL_FAIL: '&cFailed to backup MySQL database: &7%0'
    SQL_BLOCKED: '&cUnable to backup MySQL database: &7%0. &eIt seems that there have
    been too many requests, and your MySQL server has temporarily blocked you. This
    can happen if you backup too often.'
    FAIL_CONNECT_DATABASE: '&cFailed to connect to database: &7%0. &cAre the login credentials
    BEGIN_SQL_BACKUP: '&6Starting MySQL backup for database: &7%0'
    FINISH_SQL_BACKUP: '&aMySQL backup finished for database: &7%0'
    ingame: "&6&l%name% &dis outdated! Download: &f&l%download% \xa77- %old_version%\
    \ \xa7e>> \xa77%new_version%"
    console: '&c[%name%] has an update available. Current version: %old_version% New
    version: %new_version% - Download at: %download%'
    noFtp: '&cFtp is disabled.'
    start: '&6Starting clean process.'
    logs: '&6Cleaning logs'
    worlds: '&6Cleaning world: &7'
    finish: '&6Clean completed! Files: &7%files% &6Data: &7%data%'
    message: '&d%type% &7completed in: &6%time%'
    clean: CLEANER
    sql: SQL
    zip: ZIP
    ftp: FTP
    backup: BACKUP
    Perm: EasyBackup.backup ->

    /backup create [name]
    - creates a backup
    /backup cancel - cancels a backup in progress
    /backup ftp - upload the latest backup to ftp server
    /backup info - get information regarding the current backup and backups saved
    /backup disk - get disk information regarding file count and server size
    /backup clean - delete old logs and playerdata
    /backup reload - reload the config
    Sờ-pi-gọt -> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/easybackup.8017/

    BachDangKhoi, Dasky, Vũ Vũ52 người khác thích điều này.
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