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Premium Plugins EnchantmentBookTool 4.2.0

let player have randomised unopened EnchantmentBooks!

  1. Minh Vn
    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Chú ý: Bạn sẽ cần EnchantmentBook plugin.

    This plugin provides a utility function for EnchantmentBook. Its "get" command will allow a player to get/purchase an unopened EnchantmentBook using his/her EXPs.

    When "get" command is executed, randomly crafted unopened EnchantmentBook will be issued. The player then can click it (right lick) to discover the actual EnchantmentBook. The level of enchantment, Success rate, Destroy rate are randomly computed to generate the EnchantmentBook.

    As a server owner, you can predefine a pool of possible books with predefined range of enchantment levels, success rates and destroy rates.

    You can let your player to use

    /ebtool help : displays the help menu
    /ebtool reload : reloads config file.
    /ebtool get <book_type> : give an EnchantmentBook item, which is randomly selected and crafted from a list of enchantments list under <book_type>
    /ebtool issue <player> <tier_name> [random|book_name]: issues an EBook to <player> without EXP cost." If you specifythe book name, make sure to replace a space (' ') with an underscore ('_').
    - enchantmentbooktool.reload : allows you to use /ebtool reload command
    - enchantmentbooktool.get : allows you to use /ebtool get command
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