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1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
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Các loại Enchant
Auto-Speed I-II - Gives Speed I-II potion effects while wearing/holding item.
Unstable I-III - A bad enchant that rarely appears; Decays durability slowly.
Nightvision I - Gives Nightvision I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
Venom I-III - Poisons an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Auto-Smelting I - Smelts down iron and gold; Stacks with fortune.
Regain I (105) - Regains durability when mining same type of ore the pickaxe is made out of.
Rejuvination I-III - Regains durability slowly while holding/wearing item.
Waterbreathing I - Gives Waterbreathing I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
Reinforced I-III - Instantly mines all ores. (higher the enchant level, less durability it uses).
Slowness I-III - Slows down an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Heavy I-III - Slows you down and adds mining fatigue whilst holding/wearing
Regeneration I-III - When you heal half a heart with full food, adds extra chance to heal a full heart (more armor with that enchant stacks and gives more chances)
Flight I - Allows creative flight; Decays durability when holding/wearing
Auto-Jump I-III - Gives Jumping I-III potion effects while wearing/holding item.
Quake I-III - Quakes the ground around you and sends mobs and (if allowed in server configs) people flying away. With each level, the enchant gets stronger in radius and velocity.
Excavation I-II - Digs a 3x3(3x3x2 if level 2) area. Applicable to shovels ,axes and pickaxes. (fortune, auto-smelt ,reinforced and other enchants stack up).
Blindness I-III - Blinds an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Withering I-III - Withers an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Life Leech I-II - Can leech some health off of an enemy when hitting him
Poison Arrows I-III - Same as Venom ,for bows
Withered Arrows I-III - Same as Withering ,for bows
Flashing Arrows I-III - Same as Blindness ,for bows
Soulbound I - When you die ,you will still have the item with this enchant. (configurable if you lose it afterwards)
Ice Aspect I-II - can freeze someone in place for a short amount of time. (configurable in configs)
Lucky I-II - Gives more XP when killing any living entity (except players)
Beheading I-III - Has a progressively higher chance to behead skeletons, creepers, zombies and players.
Life I - Extends your life by a certain amount (default 0.5 hearts per level & armor piece)
Electrocute I-III - Can cause nausea and deals more damage to armored living entities.
Explosive Arrows I-III - Random chance to shoot an arrow which will explode on impact; highly configurable
Well Fed I-II - Keeps your food levels higher.
Hunger I-II - Another bad enchant near instability and heavy - makes your hunger go down quicker
Multishoot I-II - Can shoot multiple arrows at once.
Agility I-III - Adds haste when holding a weapon. Configurable max level!
Plasma I-II - Like electrocute, but for diamond and leather armors - deals more damage.
Insulation I-III - Combats Plasma and Electrocute - makes them deal less damage on you.

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