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Premium Plugins GUIPlus 1.11

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    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    To test this plugin, try the demo:


    Modern minecraft servers use GUI's for everything, but unfortunately, many minecraft plugins don't support GUI's.
    That's why I invented GUIPlus, a feature-packing plugin supporting all of your GUI needs!

    Players love GUI's. Instead of having to deal with the annoyances of command based plugins, you can now let your users enjoy the luxury of a GUI. While other GUI plugins may require you to edit complex, confusing JSON files, GUIPlus gives you a powerful in game editor at your fingertips so you can make any GUI as soon as you need it.

    With PlaceholderAPI (over 1000 placeholders!) and Bungeecord support, you really can't go wrong with GUIPlus.


    [+] Create unlimited GUI's
    [+] Everything in the GUI is configurable
    [+] Drag and drop the plugin - no complicated setup!
    Supports Heads
    [+] Supports Shops
    [+] Supports Vault
    [+] Change item displaynames
    [+] Change item lore
    [+] Add permissions to use GUI's

    [+] Lore and displayname supports placeholders
    [+] PlaceholderAPI support (Over 1000 Placeholders!)
    [+] Tab completion for commands
    [+] Add simple commands for opening GUI's

    Every message + prefix is configurable
    [+] Supports BungeeCord

    Click Types per Item
    - Left Click
    - Right Click
    - Middle Click

    Requirements for each click:
    - Permission nodes
    - Items
    - Money

    Different commands sent for each click:
    - Send a message to the player
    - Execute the command from console
    - Execute the command from the player


    Command - Description - Permission
    /gui - Brings up the help menu None
    /gui open <name>
    - Open a specific GUI gui.open
    /gui create <name>
    - Create a new GUI - gui.create
    /gui delete <name>
    - Delete a GUI - gui.delete
    /gui edit <name>
    - Edit a GUI - gui.edit
    /gui list
    - Shows a list of server GUI's - gui.list


    Official Video


    Paint Skills over 10000 ^^

    By purchasing this resource you agree to the following TOS (terms of service):
    1. You may only use this plugin for your server/network
    2. You are not allowed to redistribute/leak this plugin
    3. No stupid reviews, such as: "It's missing features!", or "the dev isn't adding features i request", or Bug Reports, because the features are on the main page and it is up to you to decide if you want this plugin.
    4. You will not chargeback, dispute or reverse any payments.
    5. I reserve the right to change these terms at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.
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