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Premium Plugins Kingdoms+ 13.1.1

Kingdoms+ Battle for Land, Might and Glory 1.8.8 - 1.11.2

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    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Plugin của quốc gia và nhà vô địch! Hãy chiến đấu cho đất nước, sức mạnh và tiền thưởng!

    Và dưới đây là video của người khác

    Java 8 và hoặc cao hơn
    Spigot hoặc Bukkit 1.8.8+
    Paper Spigot đã được báo cáo gây ra vấn đề.
    > Việc tải xuống sẽ cung cấp cho bạn Kingdoms.jar
    > Đặt các tập tin trong file plugin của máy chủ của bạn.
    > Chạy máy chủ để bắt đầu plugin
    • BossShop Integration
    • Java 8 required for Kingdoms+ to run
    • Factions-like! Commands designed to suit your players, who are used to playing on Factions!
    • Auto backup system! Backups made when server shuts down, and can be automatically done every few hours
    • Noob guide! Simply tell them to do /k info, and it will teach them all the basics!
    • Messages Configuration! Configure core messages of Kingdoms! Color code support as well! (Full message editing 95% complete)
    • New land expiring! No more overcrowded worlds full of afk kingdoms!
    • Interactive GUI for Kings to manage Kingdom permissions!
    • Inter-Kingdom private chests! Simple to manage private chests to counter spies!
    • Economy! Config option to allow players to convert money into resourcepoints! (Requires Vault)
    • MySQL support! Use /k admin import from console to use this feature.
    • Console command to give a specific player's kingdom points, very useful for BuyCraft!
    • Donate to your allies!
    • Kingdom tag limit!
    • Kingdoms chat!
    • Full UUID support!
    • Smart Champion! Champion can now drag and prevent block building from its attackers!
    • Safezone Warzone to prevent players from claiming certain chunks!
    • Turrets and Mines! Owners and mods can buy turrets for their kingdoms!
    • Invasion notifications!
    • Players can do /k defend to counter enemy invasions!
    • Supports worldguard! Prevent players from claiming important parts of your regions and stop them from placing nexuses in your regions!
    • Supports java 8 and above!
    • Per world disable! Allow this only on worlds you desire!
    • More invading action than Factions! Players can claim large areas, and others can invade it even if the player is offline, allowing for more interesting experiences, and also an excuse to keep coming back!
    • Nexus GUI! Showing player resource points, upgrades, champion upgrades and so on!
    • A /k info! Players only need one sign telling them to do so, and they can see how to use Kingdoms on their own!
    Sử dụng API này để kiểm tra xem Kingdoms
    KingdomPlayer thao tác
    để nhận được thông tin vương quốc một player của off, sử dụng này:
    MineEntity, KenIsland, GoGo Monster16 người khác thích điều này.