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Premium Plugins Micro Battles - PVP MINIGAME // Multiarena - 25% OFF until 50 buyers! v.2.2

plugins cần cho server Micro Battles - PVP MINIGAME

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    • 1.8
    • 1.9


    Micro Battle is a fun minigame team pvp, there are 4 teams (blue, red, green and yellow), all are on a separate island by lava and kits can choose to compete. The last team standing wins. Require Skript and Addons.

    Servers using this plugin:

    LostMC -



    • Multiworld Support!
    • Multiarena mode!
    • Signs!
    • Team selector!
    • Vault Support!
    • Custom prefix!
    • Rewards! (Money and Command)
    • Keep inventory!
    • Custom Kits!
    • Kit Shop! (Vault economy)
    • Custom item to select kit in pre-lobby!
    • Custom item to select team in pre-lobby!
    • Regeneration of map without lag!
    • Main lobby!
    • Pre lobby Game!
    • Min player support!
    • +24 custom messages!
    • Custom countdown for start the game!
    • Easy setup!
    • Admin Commands!
    • Custom Scoreboard! (Lobby and Ingame)
    • Fireworks for the winner!
    • Colored tab and prefix per team! (Currently disabled)
    • YAML Support!
    • Much more...
    Commands for users (ALL):
    /microbattles - aliases: /mb, microbattle
    /microbattles shop - Open kit shop.
    /microbattles join <arena> - Command to enter a game. (microbattles.user)
    /microbattles leave - Command to leave a game.
    /microbattles info - Command to view information about the plugin.

    Commands for setup arena (microbattles.admin):
    /microbattles setmainlobby - Command to set the main lobby.
    /microbattles create <arena> - Command to create game.
    /microbattles delete <arena> - Command to remove game.
    /microbattles setlobby <arena> - Command to set the game lobby.
    /microbattles setminplayers <arena> <integer> - Command to set min player to start the game.
    /microbattles setplayersperteam <arena> <integer> - Command to set max players per team for arena.
    /microbattles setpos1 <arena> - Set border 1 to map of arena!
    /microbattles setpos2 <arena> - Set border 2 to map of arena!
    /microbattles setbluespawn <arena> - Command to set the spawn of players!
    /microbattles setredspawn <arena>- Command to set the spawn of players!
    /microbattles setgreenspawn <arena>- Command to set the spawn of players!
    /microbattles setyellowspawn <arena>- Command to set the spawn of players!
    /microbattles save <arena> - Command to save settings of the arena.

    Commands for Admins (pizza.admin):
    /microbattles list - Command to see list of all arenas.
    /microbattles check <arena> - (pizza.admin) - Command to view the game settings.
    /microbattles edit <arena> - Command to edit settings of the arena.
    /microbattles stop <arena> - Command to stop the arena.
    /microbattles reload - Command to reload.
    /microbattles update - Command to check for updates.
    This plugin needs to run several units, the can be downloaded from:

    > SkQuery for Skript 2.2: http://bit.ly/1U8ZPk4
    > Skript 2.2: http://bit.ly/1Mod48f
    > SkRayFall: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skrayfall/files/
    > Vault: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/files/
    > Umbaska: http://umbaska.gatt.space/
    Installing this plugin is very simple, just follow these steps correctly:

    1.- Download dependencies, and paste them into the plugin folder of your server.

    2.- Start Server to load the dependencies correctly.
    3.- Stop Server.
    4.- Download the script and paste into "plugins/Skript/scripts" folder on your server.
    5.- Start Server. And enjoy the plugin!.




    By purchasing this plugin you agree to the following terms and conditions
    1. You are not allowed to distribute the script in any way.
    2. You are not allowed to copy the code of the script. (You modify the code is allowed only for private use)
    3. Only use on your server or network.
    4. At any time and without notice the content this script can be modified or updated by the author.
    5. No refunds. Requesting charge backs in paypal will result in you getting banned on spigot.
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