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Premium Plugins [MiniGame] Murder Mystery [Bungee/Multi Arena] [MySQL Support] [5.9]

Innocents and a detective should kill the murderer before they get killed!

  1. MamaMia
    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Testers and helpers: undead_guppy, Small_Pear, ElieTGM, McMarter, TheTardis, Zuhir and many others friends helped me alot, ConnorLinfoot for ActionBar and TitleAPI

    New dependency: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/corpsereborn.29875/

    On corpse config change these:

    Code (Text):
    on-death: true
    Code (Text):
    looting-inventory: true
    To false :)

    Notes before buying (Please Read):-

    • Keep in mind this is a beta version many features will be added in the future.

      Please before doing bad reviews contact me ill provide the best support to fix your issues.

      Please don't post any errors in the review section, post them in the plugin's thread.

      This plugins supports [1.8 - 1.11.2]

      Before reporting for a bug please read some notes/tutorials below to fix these errors by your self easily.

      Java 8 Only



    Murder Mystery is a simple and fun Minigame, 1 player is a Murderer and 1 player is a Detective and all the other players are Innocents, the detective and innocents should kill the murder before they get killed by him!

    • Murderer
      • The murder has a knife, his job is to kill everyone in the game to win, if there are still innocent players alive when the timer runs out, the Innocents win, the murder can kill anyone with one hit!
    • Detective:

      • The Detective his job is defending the Innocents. After the game starts the Detective gets a bow with infinite arrows he should shoot the murder saving the Innocents and winning the game. if the detective killed the wrong person (not the murder) both of them will die and a bow will dropped the next one who pick up the bow ill be the detective and have a chance to kill the murder.
    • Innocents

      • All the rest of players are innocents their job is to hide and run to not get killed by the murder they have a change to collect gold and get a bow to kill the murder, if they hit someone else by accident (not the murder) both of them will die.

    • Easy to setup the game
      • Simple commands and ways to set up the game fast
    • Multi arena support
      • You can create arenas as much as you want | you can create multiple worlds and create arenas in it
    • Efficient scoreboard system
      • There are 3 scoreboards
        • Countdown:
          • %countdown% countdown time
          • %max% max players in game
          • %size% online players ingame
        • Lobby:
          • %min% number of online players ingame
          • %max% max players in game
        • Ingame:
          • %date% | date
          • %innocents% | number of innocents alive
          • %role% | your role
          • %map% | map name
          • %time% | game time
          • %spectators% | spectate players amount
          • %score% | shows your score
          • %kills% | shows your ingame kills
        • Win message placeholders
          • %mscore% | murder score
          • %hscore% | hero score
          • %dscore% | detective score
    • Stats
      • Stats system to save [Loses, Wins, Kills, Deaths]
    • Murder Ability
      • Throwing sword
    • Rewards
      • Custom win rewards per arena
    • Settings
      • Each arena has custom settings for the game play
    • Spectator compass
      • Custom spectate compass to teleport to ingame players
    • Language file
      • To translate all text in game
    • Signs
      • Simple and custom join signs
    • Tracker compass
      • Track dropped bow
    • Different type of messages
      • Normal messages Title messages
      • ActionBar messages
      • Title messages
    • Bungee Games Option
      • Per server game
    • MySQL
      • Save player stats with MySQL
    • Corpses
      • Dead players on ground
    Player commands:
    • /murder main command
    • /murder join <arena>
    • /murder leave
    • /murder stats
    • /murder stats <player>

    Admin commands:
    • /murder admin main command
    • /murder create <arena>
    • /murder remove <arena>
    • /murder setlobby
    • /murder setwait <arena>
    • /murder setspectate <arena>
    • /murder addspawn <arena> <number>
    • /murder addgold <arena> <number>
    • /murder start <arena>
    • /murder stop <arena>
    • /murder reload
    • /murder settime <arena> <seconds>


    [MULTI ARENA] create 1 arena for bungee and edit the mysql and bungee options in config.yml
    • Before everything setup the win rewards
    • Create an arena
    • Set lobby and waiting lobby
    • Add player spawns should start from ( 0 )
    • Add gold spawns should start from ( 0 )
    • Set the spectator position
    • Done

    Code (Text):
    - say %player% test reward
    - say %player% test reward2

    • Test = arena name (rewards for arena test)
    • 0 reward number you can add more rewards like 0 , 1, 2 random rewards if player win
    • remove test to make win rewards public for all arenas
    Code (Text):


    Code (Text):
    bungee: true
    mysql: true
    host: localhost
    port: '3306'
    database: testdb
    username: root
    password: ''
    AQuariko, saodisavay123, Khangchobi22 người khác thích điều này.

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