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Premium Plugins NeoSkyWars

là một plugin để làm SkyWars có giá trên Spigot là 6,5 USD

  1. adairh
    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    • Create Your Kits on kits.yml
    • Messages Editables
    • Multi-Arena System
    • Lobby System
    • Kit Permissions
    • Shop
    • 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x Support
    • Mysql Optional
    • InsaneMode Options
    • Souls
    • Party System
    • Glass Colors
    • Stats
    • Global Signs
    • Messages File
    • Global Signs (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • BungeeMode (90%) - In the Next Update (1.7)
    • 1,9, 1,10 e 1,11 Suport (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • Shop (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • InsaneMode Options (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • Party System (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • MysteryBox (11%)
    • Souls (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • SoulWell (35%)
    • Glass Colors (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • Mega Mode (100%) ✓ ADDED
    • Fully Customizable(89%)








    Signs Format:

    <Solo, Team>
    <Normal, insane>

    SkyWars Commands:
    /sw - Main Command - not need of permission
    /sw joinlobby - skywars.joinlobby
    /sw leavelobby - Need permission: skywars.lobbyleave
    /sw setlobby - skywars.setlobby
    /sw create <solo, team> <normal, insane> - skywars.create
    /sw createmap <name> - skywars.createmap
    /sw tp <worldName> - skywars.tp
    /sw load <worldName> - skywars.load
    /sw addspawn - skywars.addspawn
    /sw chest <normal, feast> - skywars.setchets
    /sw setdmloction - skywars.setdm
    /sw saveworld - skywars.saveworld
    /sw <coins, souls> <add, remove> <player> <Value> - skywars.coins
    /sw leave - not need of permission

    Party Commands:
    /party invite <player>
    /party accept <player>
    /party kick <player>
    /party chat
    /party list
    /party leave

    Creating an area:
    1. Download the jar file of the Plugin
    2. Install on Your Server
    3. Go to the Plugin config.yml and Disable the Auto_Join_Lobby option by ticking false instead of true, if you want anti-override system of the map border, change the Arena-Border-System option to true
    4. Turn on the Server
    5. Going To The World In Which The SkyWars Arena Is Found
    6. Make all necessary constructions with Cages etc.
    7. Select the highest point and the lowest point of the Arena with WorldEdit
    8. Use the command / sw create <solo, team> <normal, insane>
    9. After the arena has been created add the spawns using / sw addspawn (Note: If it is the Team mode, it is not necessary to add 2 spawns in the same location, the plugin will automatically duplicate Spawns)
    10. Add the Chests by clicking on them with the Addendum Item, to receive the Item use: / sw chest <normal, feast> (Example to receive the Item to set Chests in Feast, use: / sw chest feast)
    11. After Adding the Chests Build a final arena where the Players will fight without mercy and without Fugir, and add the location using / sw setdmlocation
    12. Save the map using / sw saveworld
    13. Create the Board Regarding the Mode and Type of Arena and Done Finished: D
    14. Create endless arenas as you wish :D

    Editing Mode and Type of an Arena:

    1. Go to the main folder of the Plugin
    2. Enter the pasta arenas
    3. Locate the name of the Arena and Opens the .yml file with Notpad ++
    4. Locate the option "mode" and the option "type"
    5. The option "mode" is to alternate between Solo and Team mode to change type the mode you want with all the letters Massive
    6. The "Type" option is used to switch between Normal and Insane mode to change type the type you want with all capital letters
    7. Save the file, Turn on your server and you're done :D

    Deleting an Arena:

    1. With the Server Off, go to the main server folder
    2. Delete the map folder related to Arena
    3. Go to the Plugin main folder
    4. Enter the "maps" folder and delete the map folder related to Arena
    5. Go back to main Plugin folder
    6. Enter the "arenas" folder and delete the Arena related .yml file
    7. Turn on the server and ready the Arena will no longer be registered by the Plugin :D

    Skywars. * - Acess to all features and commands
    Skywars.insaneoptions - can use InsaneOptions
    Skywars.create - to create one skywars arena
    Skywars.addspawn - for add spawn in one skywars arena
    Skywars.setchests - for add chest in one skywars arena
    Skywars.setdm - for set deathmatch location
    Skywars.joinlobby - to join the skywars Lobby
    Skywars.leavelobby - sair do lobby skywars
    Skywars.leave - to leave one skywars arena
    Skywars.cmd - to view all disponible command with /sw
    skywars.party - to use command /party

    skywars.kit.kitname - to use one kit (optional in kits.yml)
    Important: to edit one map go to the world build your edit and save map edit with /sw saveworld
    Requires Java 8 or Hight, WorldEdit
    abxy, fuk, huybeo171115 người khác thích điều này.

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