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Premium Plugins Pro SkyWars [Solo, Teams, Kits, Cages, Trails,Perks, MysteryBox, Hologram, Refills] v5.5.10

Đây Là Plugins Của Spigot Pro Skywars Giá 9,99EUR

  1. TosCherrS
    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Người phát triển:
    Professional minigame for your server! Create unlimited arenas, loot chests for equipments, fight to be the last man standing!
    Support for any size Teams and solo game.

    *** For support use FreshDesk I won't read Discussion, PM's and profile messages with bugs, questions or new features request.
    • Totally independent, can run absolutely by itself.
    • Arenas have support for Solo or Teams mode. Teams can have any number you want of players. You can create Mega mode games with big teams.
    • Almost 100% configurable, customize your messages, arenas, kits, cages and chests.
    • Create unlimited arenas.
    • Can work with other minigames and plugins.
    • Support for multiple arenas per world.
    • Fireworks ending.
    • Kits, Cages shop, you can use MysteryBox to get rewards or use money to buy stuff.
    • Become spectator on death and teleport to other players.
    • Support for BungeeMode to force players to join game.
    • Support for MySQL to share player stats between servers.
    • Built in coins and souls system, you can use vault too.
    • Create your custom chests types and make specific chests use that type (you can set a type for game start and a different type for refill to give better items on refill)
    • Lightweight rollback system.
    • Can be used as survivalgames plugin or custom pvp plugin.
    • Coins multipliers for VIP users.
    • Create your own kits or cages and specify they rarity, cost, name, content and whether they require a permission or not.
    • Scoreboards for lobby and In-Game.
    • Support for UUID.
    • Players stats: wins. kills, deaths, blocks breaked, blockes places, projectiles launched and projectiles hit.
    • AutoJoin command and sign that will put you on the best available arena. You can set autojoin sign for solo or team game.
    • Signs showing arena state and player count. (Customizable)
    • MysteryBox, using souls or coins to unlock your kits or cages.
    • Hitting a player with an arrow will show that player health.
    • Mobs for arenas that will only attack your enemies.
    • Run rewards commands on player kill or win.
    • Built in broadcaster, so you can display your tips and tricks or advertise your website.
    • You can set as much refills as you want.
    • Customizable projectile trails and trails shop.
    • Create Holograms for stats and update them every x amount of minutes.
    • Sign leaderboards, display top players depending on the stat you choose, can also place a head over the sign to display player skull.
    • Support for PlaceHolderAPI so you can show Pro Skywars stats on any compatible plugin.
    • in game commands whitelist.
    • Create parties and play with your friends.
    • Glass behing join sign changes color depending on game state.
    • 12 Perks to give your game an awesome boost! (check perks list on Setup section)
    • Force your players to fight adding GameEnd events! (check setup section for more info)
    • Support for MongoDB to share data between servers.
    • Support for Redis in-memory data structure store, used as a database. Fast data share between servers.
    • Random arena bungee mode. You can have more than one arena on your bungee mode server and each match will have a different arena.
    • Teams ✓ DONE
    • Parties ✓ DONE
    • Holograms ✓ DONE
    • Perks ✓ DONE
    • LeaderBoards ✓ DONE
    • Trails ✓ DONE
    • Achievements
    • API ✓ DONE
    • MongoDB Support ✓ DONE
    • Redis Support ✓ DONE
    Arena Setup Commands:

    • /arena wand - Gives you wand tool to select corners of your arena.
    • /arena create <arenaname> - Create new arena.
    • /arena edit <arenaname> - Edit cuboid region for an arena.
    • /arena remove <arenaname> - Remove an arena
    • /arena setlobbyspawn <arenaname> - Sets arena lobby (pregame) spawn
    • /arena setspectatorsspawn <arenaname> - Sets place where spectators will spawn on death.
    • /arena setmainlobby <arenaname> - Sets the lobby where players will be teleported on game end/leave.
    • /arena setminteams <arenaname> <value> - Sets minimun required teams for game to start.
    • /arena setmaxteams <arenaname> <value> - Sets max number of players for an arena.
    • /arena setteamsize <arenaname> <value> - Sets the numberof players for each team.
    • /arena addspawn <arenaname> - Adds spawn point for an arena.
    • /arena addchest <arenaname> <defaultChestType> <refillChestType> - Adds chest you are looking to an arena and sets the default fill and the refill chest types (Use chesttypes.yml)
    • /arena chestwand <arenaname> <defaultFillChestType> <RefillChestType> - Will give you a blazing rod that you can use to add chests to your arena.
    • /arena removechest <arenaname> - Removes the chest you are looking from arena.
    • /arena setevent <eventName> <arenaname> - Sets Game end event for an arena.
    • /arena removeevent <arenaName> - Removes all events from an arena.
    • /arena join <arenaname> - Join an arena.
    • /arena leave - Leaves arena.
    • /arena list - Display a list of arenas.
    • /arena forcestart <arenaname> - Reduce the countdown time and force gamestart.
    Pro SkyWars Commands:

    • /sw join <arenaname> - Joins an arena.
    • /sw join - Opens arena selector for players with required permission.
    • /sw autojoin - Autojoin to best available arena.
    • /sw shop - Displays Skywars shop.
    • /sw coins add/set/remove <player> <amount> - Add. set or remove an amount of coins from player.
    • /sw souls add/set/remove <player> <amount> - Add, set or remove an amount of souls from player.
    • /sw kits/trails/cages/perks add <player> <name> - Unlock a kit, cage, trail or perk for a player.
    • /sw addmysterybox - Adds a new mystery box. (You need to be above the block and looking at it.)
    • /sw hologram add/remove - Set or remove stats holograms location.
    • /sw removemysterybox - Removes existing myster box. (You need to be above the block and looking at it.)
    • /sw leave - leave and arena.
    • /sw reload - Reloads plugin configuration.
    Party Commands:

    • /party create <partyname> - Creates a new party
    • /party invite <player> - Send a invitation to your party
    • /party join <partyname> - Join to a party (requires invitation)
    • /party kick <player> - Kick a player from your party.
    • /party list - Check the players on your party.
    Kit Creation Commands:

    • /sw kit create <kitname> - Creates a new kit on kits.yml with current player inventory contents (armor and items) including enchantments.
    • /sw kit setdisplayitem <kitname> <material>[:ID] - Set the display item for a kit.
    • /sw kit setpermission <kitname> <permission> - Set the permission for kit usage.
    • /sw kit setprice <kitname> <value> - Set price for a kit (this feature will work only if you enable money use for kits on config.yml)
    • /sw kit setrarity <kitname> <common/rare/legendary> - Sets kit mysterybox rarity.
    • /sw kit addloreline <kitname> <text> - Set a new lore line for a kit.
    • /sw kit lorereset <kitname> - Deletes lore for a kit.
    • /sw kit save <kitname> - Reset inventory GUI's to show new kit.

    • proskywars.admin - Access to all commands
    • proskywars.arena - Access to arena setup commands
    • proskywars.signs - Allow player to place SkyWars arenas signs.
    • proskywars.autojoin - Access to autojoin command.
    • proskywars.mysteryboxadd - Allow player to add a block as mystery box.
    • proskywars.mysteryboxremove - Allow player to remove existing mystery box.
    • proskywars.holograms - Allow player to set the stats hologram location.
    • proskywars.bypass - Allow you to bypass the commands whitelist.
    • proskywars.coins - Allow player to run commands to modify coins.
    • proskywars.souls - Allow player to run commands to modify souls.
    • proskywars.shop - Access to shop command.
    • proskywars.join - Access to join command.
    • proskywars.joingui - Access to arena selector using command.
    • proskywars.kitcreate - Allow player to use commands to create new kits.
    • proskywars.5x - Coins 5x multiplier for VIP players.
    • proskywars.4x - Coins 4x multiplier for VIP players.
    • proskywars.3x - Coins 3x multiplier for VIP players.
    • proskywars.2x - Coins 2x multiplier for VIP players.
    • proskywars.souls1 - Set max amount of souls to config.yml option Souls.vip1Souls.
    • proskywars.souls2 - Set max amount of souls to config.yml option Souls.vip2Souls.

    Check configuration files on GitHub Wiki:





    By purchasing this resource you agree to the following terms of service:
    • You know all features, limitations and requirements.
    • No refunds will be granted.
    • You will not chargeback, dispute or reverse any payments.
    • This plugin only can be used in your server or network.
    • I reserve the right to change these Terms at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.
    • Don't reditribute this plugin.
    • Don't deobfuscate.
    • Don't post bad reviews, first ask me!

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