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Premium Plugins pStaffList - A Staff List In A GUI 1.48

pStaffList - A Staff List In A GUI

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    • 1.8
    MineSplit.com (D3NYMoTiioN), play.waykercraft.us
    The premium version of StaffList

    Regrettably due to real life commitments I will no longer be developing plugins. I will only update this for major bugs. From now it only cost 1GBP (as I cannot make it free without re-uploading)

    If you wish to get the source of the in development version / this version please contact me via inbox.

    << List Staff Members In A Neat GUI >>

    Add and remove staff members easily with an in-game command and let your players see the staff.

    << Features >>

    > Display staff in a neat GUI
    > Display the staff's rank
    > Display whether they are online
    > Display their last login
    > Display the world they are in
    > Display their coordinates
    > Display their online time
    > Display the server they are on (bungee)
    > Add spacers to make the GUI look nice!

    << Where Is This Useful? >>

    It could be that you may want to make it clear to your players who are staff and who to ask for help. It will also show information about their rank and what server they are online on (bungee).

    << Plugin Support >>

    This currently supports Essentials and VanishNoPacket so that if they are vanished they appear offline. Also if the plugin uses the Bukkit method of hidePlayer then it should also be supported as I used canSee.


    << What's New In The Premium Version? >>

    > Place the heads where ever you like in the inventory, it now saves spaces!
    > Add spacers! Add items to make the GUI look cooler!
    > UUID support! Change your names as much as you like!
    > Bungee support! Now display the server a player is on!
    > It is extremely more optimized and now only saves on an interval! No more high CPU usage from this plugin!


    << Will There Be New Features Added? >>

    > Yes of course!
    > Feel free to request features and any popular / good suggestions will be added.

    Follow the Development Road Map here.

    << Command List >>

    Show staff members (GUI)
    No Permission
    /staff help
    Display help
    No Permission

    /staff info
    Display plugin information (includes version)
    No Permission

    /staff add <player> <position> <rank>
    Add a staff member to the GUI
    /staff [remove/delete] <player>
    Remove the specified staff member from the GUI
    /staff addSpacer <name>
    Add the item in your hand as a spacer
    /staff removeSpacer <name>
    Remove the specified spacer
    /staff reload
    Force save of all files and reload the config
    /staff modify
    Open the GUI and allow for editing of all the positions

    [New] /staff <rank/changerank> <player> <rank>
    Change the rank of an existing player
    [New] /staff fake
    Toggle faking offline or not (if faking offline you will always show offline)

    << Command Usage >>

    Player's name
    Position in the GUI (1-54)
    Player's rank (Can be multiple words)
    Place an item in your hand edited to your own liking and it will add that item as a spacer
    Using Spacers
    Once you've added a spacer, you will need to use /staff modify. It will add the spacers to your inventory and allow you to place them inside the GUI where you wish.



    For support with any of my plugins visit this link.
    Make sure you check the Development Road Map here to check if the issue you're getting is already being worked on!

    Please note all even builds are stable and odds are beta / optional update. E.G: 1.0 is stable, 1.3 is beta / optional.

    << Version 1.46 >>
    New Features / Bug Fix
    > No longer will it always show there is an update.
    > You can now /staff fake , fake being offline (perm = staff.fake)
    > You can now change the rank of existing staff /staff <changerank/rank> <player> <rank> (perm = staff.modify)

    << Disclaimer / Terms Of Usage >>


    - play.waykercraft.us - For beta testing versions of this plugin :D
    - Forgotten-Empires.com - For beta testing versions of this plugin :D
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