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Premium Plugins Sky Wars Update 2.5

Bản nâng cấp tiếp theo cho Sky Wars X 2.4 có trong group

  1. Vuong123579
    Hỗ trợ phiên bản:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Người phát triển:
    P/s: E đã mua plugín này từ Spigotmc
    Cho 5 sao cái nha
    ht ae cần 2.6 thì đợi cái pl này đựoc đánh giá cao đã :D
    Plugin có giá 12.99 USD trên SpigotMC. Nếu có điều kiện, hãy mua để ủng hộ tác giả.
    Là một trong những công cụ tạo server minigame Skywars
    Một số tính năng cơ bản:
    - Có thể dùng chung với server Skyblock, Factions, Towny,.....
    - Tạo bao nhiêu game tùy ý
    - Các chế độ chơi Solo hoặc Team
    - Không cần multiverse
    - Tạo và quản lí Party
    - Rương tùy chỉnh
    - Hòm Mystery Chest
    - Bảng top các loại (wins, kills, death, coins,...)
    - Hologram (cần HolographicDisplay)
    - Kit, trail, shop, lồng tùy chỉnh
    - Sử dụng hệ thống tiền riêng (Có thể sử dụng Vault hoặc không)
    - Bảng nhiệm vụ thành tích
    - Chế độ Autojoin

      • /Skywars | /SW -> None
      • /Skywars join -> None
      • /Skywars leave -> None
      • /Skywars autojoin -> None
      • /Skywars list -> None
      • /Skywars admin -> skywars.admin
      • /Skywars setlobby -> skywars.setlobby
      • /Skywars wand -> skywars.wand
      • /Skywars create -> skywars.create
      • /Skywars delete -> skywars.delete
      • /Skywars addspawn -> skywars.addspawn
      • /Skywars removespawn -> skywars.removespawn
      • /Skywars start -> skywars.start
      • /Skywars stop -> skywars.stop
      • /Skywars coins -> skywars.coins
      • /Skywars setmodifier -> skywars.setmodifier
      • /Skywars holograms -> skywars.holograms
      • /Skywars reset -> skywars.reset
      • /Skywars edit -> skywars.edit
      • /Skywars editmode -> skywars.editmode
      • /Skywars reload -> skywars.reload
      • /Skywars updatereigon -> skywars.updateregion
      • /Skywars chestmanager -> skywars.chestmanager
      • /Skywars worldmanager -> skywars.worldmanager

    Còn đây là bản n'c ngoài ae hiểu đc thì hiểu
    Ok :D
    ested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    The ultimate minigame for your server! Create arenas with ease and start playing instantly. Unlock new kits, cages, and trails through purchasing them from the awesome gui shop, or through the mystery box. Rank up and earn achievements as you become more powerful. Create parties and play with your friends as a team. Spectate games when you die and have a laugh on your friends performance. Rollback all the grief caused by players and customize the plugin to your liking! All with maximum efficiency.

    Check out my other projects as well:
    SurvivalGames, KitBattle Advanced, Hide and Seek, One In The Battle Advanced


    Before you get into the features and get all excited, please read the following.
    • Please read the FULL page before purchasing.
      This is so that you don't purchase the plugin, and regret doing so because of a missing feature, or because you misunderstood what the plugin has to offer
    • The reviews section is not the place to be asking for help in. When you are in need of help, please use the discussion area, or send me a private message.
    • Purchasing this plugin means that you agree to the plugin agreement found at the bottom of the page!
    • This plugin is VERY customizable, but NOT FULLY, so if you need to translate every single text or letter, you either have to purchase the source, or look else where.
    • Not all of your suggestions will be taken into consideration. If I feel only you would benefit out of your suggestion it will probably not be added. so some suggestions will straight up be denied and probably never added. and customization requests WILL most likely be rejected. So view what you can change and what you can not CAREFULLY.

    • Create as many arenas as you want.
    • Fully independent! can run absolutely by it self. You don't even need multiverse.
    • Arenas can be solo, or in teams mode, team size can be any number you want! could be a team of 2, 3, 4, 5, X...
    • Can work with other minigames and plugins, such as factions.
    • Has an option for Bungee Mode, which makes the plugin take over the server and force players to join
    • Become a spectator on death, and watch other players
    • Built in coins system, but it can also use vault economy if you wish.
    • Can display 1.8 titles and action bar, through TitleManager
    • Modify default chest content and set the min and max amount of items that a chest could have
    • Create your own Chests configuration, and make specific chests use that chest configuration (You can create an infinite amount of chest tiers, and set whatever chest you like to use that tier)
    • Leaderboards! Create signs that will display top players from many many different stats, and you also can display their skull above these signs, you can also create a holographic leaderboard through HolographicDisplays
    • Allow spectators to view players inventories and teleport to them
    • Set the coins/exp modifier of players to any number you want
    • You can spawn mobs that will not attack you or your teammates and you can also equip them with armor and items through shift right clicking them
    • Amazing rollback system that rollbacks arenas effectively and quickly with little to no lag, using custom class to decrease memory usage, and a queue system to prevent overloading the server
    • You can have multiple arenas per world
    • Can be used as a survivalgames plugin, or other similar minigame
    • Fireworks ending, with an option to give winners a map and also to display your custom images on that map
    • Customize the shop to your liking, and sell kits and such for your preferred prices!
    • Achievements! a built in achievements system that tracks players stats and awards them with your custom prizes.
    • Have the ability to change players coins and modifier, you can also reset their stats. this also applies on offline players.
    • Create your own kits, cages, trails, and specify their rarity, cost, name, content, and whether they require a permission or not!
    • Animated scoreboard title! (Optional)
    • Built in world management commands! import/create/delete/teleport/list worlds without the need of other plugins. you can even backup worlds and restore them!
    • A warning system, where doing certain activities more than x amount of times will result in the player getting kicked!
    • Supports UUID and normal names as well
    • Works with MySQL or without!
    • Specify when chests should refill and how often
    • Save so many player stats! starting from kills, coins, wins, deaths, modifier, and such, and ending with blocks placed, blocks broken, items crafted, items enchanted, and many more!
    • Customize most of the text that appears to players, such as messages or scoreboard text or even signs text
    • Autojoin command that will put the players in the best available arena
    • Cool signs that show the arena state and players count
    • Basic API that allows developers to access players stats and get top players, and also some events
    • PlaceholderAPI Support
    • Cool scoreboards that show many different information and updates with little to no flicker.
    • Tracking compass! you can use your compass to track campers!
    • Mystery Box! You can unlock random items for a low cost with a very cool animation.
    • Ranking system! with each rank being hard than the one before
    • Detailed and lightweight cooldown system
    • Very cool GUI's that are simple and easy to use
    • Built in broadcaster, so you can display your tips and tricks or advertise your website
    • Create parties and invite players and manage all party settings through an amazing gui! Parties FULLY use GUI's without a single command. You can also use the party chat feature if the message starts with an exclamation mark
    • Customize party slots, and set certain amount of slots to certain permissions
    • Spectators can instantly join a new game
    • Hitting a player with an arrow will show that player health
    • SmartInventory, a custom class that I have made that allows the plugin to create inventories that you can scroll through, this allows to display large amount of items in a single inventory
    • Parties are listed in a smart inventory, same goes for arenas, and shop, and players personal inventory
    • Create holographic stats and leaderboard!
    • 22 default kit, 51 default cage, 50 default trail, 53 default achievements!
    • You can also add your custom game modes easily. For example you can add LuckyBlock mode easily by dropping a LuckyBlock plugin and adding your lucky blocks into the arena!
    • Smoove, well designed, created to be able to handle large amount of players
    • Force start/stop arenas, and reload the plugin with a simple command rather than reloading the whole server
    • Edit/Create/Delete/List chest types on the fly with a simple command
    • Update arena region/blocks without having to recreate the full arena
    • Edit arenas on the fly!
    • Heavily dependent on gui's, to keep things simple
    • Are you really still reading? I mean... I'm tired of typing all that! so in simple and easy conclusion, THIS PLUGIN IS PACKED


    This plugin is highly customizable, but not fully. so be aware of that! and please don't complain about that as I have seen too many people talk about it in my other minigames :l, which becomes bothering after a while
    So... here is an example of some of the files created by the plugin. You will be able to see what you can change and what you can not!


    Format: /Command -> Permission
    • /Skywars | /SW -> None
    • /Skywars join -> None
    • /Skywars leave -> None
    • /Skywars autojoin -> None
    • /Skywars list -> None
    • /Skywars admin -> skywars.admin
    • /Skywars setlobby -> skywars.setlobby
    • /Skywars wand -> skywars.wand
    • /Skywars create -> skywars.create
    • /Skywars delete -> skywars.delete
    • /Skywars addspawn -> skywars.addspawn
    • /Skywars removespawn -> skywars.removespawn
    • /Skywars start -> skywars.start
    • /Skywars stop -> skywars.stop
    • /Skywars coins -> skywars.coins
    • /Skywars setmodifier -> skywars.setmodifier
    • /Skywars holograms -> skywars.holograms
    • /Skywars reset -> skywars.reset
    • /Skywars edit -> skywars.edit
    • /Skywars editmode -> skywars.editmode
    • /Skywars reload -> skywars.reload
    • /Skywars updatereigon -> skywars.updateregion
    • /Skywars chestmanager -> skywars.chestmanager
    • /Skywars worldmanager -> skywars.worldmanager


    Gameplay + Romanian Commentary (v1.5)

    Gameplay + Music (v1.7)

    Gameplay + Music (v1.0)


    You first want to set the lobby location by doing /sw setlobby
    so that when players do /sw join they will be teleported there
    now you should create some arenas

    start by using /sw wand and use the tool given to select the 2 corners surrounding your map.
    Once you have selected the 2 corners, create the arena using /sw create <name> <team size> <min teams> <max teams>
    This will create a new arena with your defined name.
    Team size is the amount of players per team, if it was set to 1 then the arena is basically solo
    Min teams is the minimum amount of teams required for the game to start the countdown. and Max teams on the other hand is the maximum amount of teams the arena can handle at a time

    Once the creation process is over, you can now start adding spawnpoints using /sw addspawn <arena>
    Keep in mind that the plugin will generate the cage, so you shouldn't have built in cages in the arena
    after you have added your spawnpoints, you can use /sw edit <arena> to enable the arena and change some other settings.

    The arena is now ready to be used, but you can also add a join sign for example, or make chests in the middle more powerful.
    To do that, you should create a new Chest type, using the command /sw chestmanager create <Name>
    this will create new chest type and open up a gui for you, you can add your items in that gui, and don't forget to click 'Save & Apply'
    After you create your custom chest type, you have to specify which chests are gonna use that chest type, you can do so by doing /sw chestmanager tool <Name>, this will give you a tool that allows you to set specific chests to that chest type, but what if there are too many chests in the middle and you are just lazy? you can select the whole middle area using the wand, and then you can do /sw chestmanager updateregion <Name>, this will set all chests within your selection to the chest type that you specified.
    You could also use the worldmanager to backup your worlds just incase anything went wrong :)


    Thanks to CroNexusGamer for this well detailed English tutorial

    Thanks to Ltjim007 for this awesome tutorial

    Thanks to CroNexusGamer for this well detailed German tutorial

    Thanks to Leonardo0013YT for this awesome Spanish tutorial!

    Thanks to Call_Me_Baby for this long tutorial

    Thanks to Hydra666 for this polish tutorial


    To create Skywars signs, the first line has to be [SW]

    To create join signs for the lobby, second line has to be 'join'

    To create join signs for arenas, second line has to be 'join'
    while the third line must define the arena name

    To create leave signs, second line has to be 'leave'

    To create autojoin signs, second line has to be 'autojoin'
    In this type of signs, you can leave the third line empty, or you can specify 'Solo' or 'Team'

    To create leaderboard signs, second line has to be 'top' while the third line must define the stat that you want the plugin to order players stats by. and fourth line is the rank you are looking for!

    This will display the top killer!
    for a list of stats that you can use, simply keep the third line empty and the plugin will show you a list.

    You can also add a skull above the sign, and when the leaderboard updates, the skull will display players skins



    - mc.comugamers.com
    - play.minecraft-romania.ro
    - mc.cubedcraft.com
    - urmagix.com
    - fatalgames.cf
    - play.reevemc.com
    - glazycraft-network.fluctis.com
    - play.psychedelicpvp.com


    This plugin works from 1.7.9 and upwards, it has been mainly tested on 1.7.9 ~ 1.9. 1.10 support has been confirmed now!

    Any plugin that prevents teleporting while in combat or uses scoreboard features such as teams and prefixes may conflict with Skywars

    Using mysql is highly recommended as it increases the performance and protects you from some issues

    If you want any holographic feature, you will need to install HolographicDisplays

    If you want to use the Holographic Stats feature, you will need to install HolographicDisplays alongProtocolLib

    There are some extra permissions!
    skywars.admin to view admin commands and receive update notifications
    skywars.createsigns to create skywars signs
    skywars.breaksigns to break skywars signs
    skywars.unblockcmds to be able to use commands while in game

    If vault is enabled in the config, Leaderboards will not show 'Coins' as the player vault money, and instead it will still display the player coins

    Massive thank you to Il_Picasso from mc.comugamers.com
    for providing me a great testing server!

    Ask about any concern in the discussion area or in a private message before purchasing.

    Im sorry for any grammar mistakes! im not English.

    Before posting a negative review, please ask for help!


    This API is very basic and doesn't allow to do a lot of things as of now.

    Code (Text):
    package me.wazup.addon;
    import java.sql.SQLException;
    import java.util.HashMap;
    import java.util.List;
    import java.util.Map.Entry;
    import org.bukkit.Bukkit;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin;
    import me.wazup.skywars.Enums.Stat;
    import me.wazup.skywars.PlayerData;
    import me.wazup.skywars.Skywars;
    import me.wazup.skywars.SkywarsAPI;

    public class Addon extends JavaPlugin {

    public void example(){
    SkywarsAPI api = Skywars.api;
    //Get a player playerdata
    Player p = Bukkit.getPlayer("Wazup92");
    PlayerData data = api.getPlayerData(p);
    //Modifying some of their stats
    data.addCoins(p, 50);
    data.kills += 10;
    //Getting top players
    //First you have to load all players data, this should be Async
    try {
    HashMap<String, String> playersData = api.getAllPlayersData();
    //You can now get top players out of the playersData, ordered by a specfic stat
    //If the third argument (int) is bigger than the amount of entries in the playersData hashmap, it will be filled with 'NO_PLAYER'
    List<Entry<String, Integer>> top = api.getTopPlayers(playersData, Stat.KILLS, 10);
    //Top now contains the top 10 players, ordered by their kills stat
    //Entry key is the player name, and the entry value is their score
    for(int i = 0; i < top.size(); i++){
    Bukkit.broadcastMessage("# " + (i+1) + " is " + top.get(i).getKey() + " with a score of " + top.get(i).getValue());
    } catch (SQLException e){
    //If you want to modify offline players stats, then you have to use a different method, because you can't use the PlayerData class on offline players
    //The following method returns true if the stat was updated, and it returns false if the player name wasn't found or the stat wasn't updated for some reason
    //The boolean at the end 'increment' is whether you want to SET their stat to the give value, or you want to add it up
    try {
    boolean updated = api.modifyOfflinePlayerStat("Wazup92", Stat.COINS, 50, true);
    } catch (SQLException e){



    - SWArenaStartEvent
    - SWArenaStopEvent
    - SWPlayerJoinArenaEvent
    - SWPlayerLeaveArenaEvent


    Not player specific placeholders:
    %skywars_player_count% - Gives the total amount of players in skywars
    %skywars_parties_count% - Gives the total amount of parties created
    %skywars_lobby_players_count% Gives the total amount of players in the lobby
    %skywars_arenas_count% Gives the total amount of arenas created
    %skywars_kits_count% Gives the total amount of kits created
    %skywars_trails_count% Gives the total amount of trails created

    Player specific placeholders:
    %skywars_kills%, %skywars_deaths%, %skywars_wins%, %skywars_modifier%, %skywars_projectiles_launched%, %skywars_projectiles_hit%, %skywars_player_exp%, %skywars_rank%, %skywars_blocks_placed%, %skywars_blocks_broken%, %skywars_arena%, %skywars_party_leader%, %skywars_selected_kit%, %skywars_selected_trail%, %skywars_selected_cage%



    This section will get updated probably a lot. I will be adding most of the common questions here and hopefully direct users to this section.

    Can users vote for weather or chests?

    Does this have Insane mode? Mega mode? LuckyBlocks mode?

    Why is my holographic stats colliding with other players holographic stats?

    Does this plugin have item chances?

    Arenas are not starting on my 1.9+ server!

    Monster eggs say Invalid Entity!

    I am unable to add potions into chests through the editor

    Monster eggs don't appear in the right color

    HELP! LAG!

    Mèo Con Candy, khietro789, Kempit3 người khác thích điều này.
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