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Premium Plugins TrainingPvP - A duel plugin! 1v1, 2v2, Party VS Party, Party FFA and Party Battle! NEW: BuildUHC! 7.4.1 New

TrainingPvP - A duel plugin! 1v1, 2v2, Party VS Party, Party FFA and Party Battle! NEW: BuildUHC!

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    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    (Image by @xDizasterCYx)

    TrainingPvP Recode is close to finished! Beta will open soon!

    Send me a private message if you want to pay using Paysafecard.

    Want fast support, or got questions? Join discord!

    What this plugin has?
    - A dynamic arena system
    - Custom kits, completely customizable!
    - 5 Different gamemode types!
    - 1v1 - 2v2 - Party VS Party - Party Battle - Party Free for all!
    - A party system
    - Supports ALL 1.7 and 1.8 versions!
    - Duels (/duel <Player>)
    - Stats
    - Scoreboards
    - Permission for each kit!
    - Items to do commands for you! (configurable)
    - Create kits which use a players own inventory! So they can fight with someone else with their own stuff!
    - TagAPI support for different color Tags!
    - Boss Bars!
    - Several config files with a lot of configurable options!
    - Clickable chat messages
    - An API for developers to make this plugin perfect for your server! (If it isn't already :)) See the bottom of this page for more information.
    - Watch the videos on the bottom and see how this works, or try it yourself!
    - ELO! /elo <Player>
    - Top 10 ELO /elo top
    - Ranked / unranked kits! (/battlekit setranked <KIT> or /battlekit setunranked <KIT>)
    - Max Ranked Games! Permission: TrainingPvP.maxranked.<NUMBER_UNDER_1500>
    - Disable commands ingame, in the waiting queue and while spectating! Completely configurable!
    - Hooks into CombatLog!
    - BuildUHC
    - Disable regen per kit
    - All messages are configurable!
    - Option to show people waiting for a game in the queue lore!

    Who am I?
    My name is Jeroen, I come from the Netherlands.
    I've been developing with Java since around 2 years, and I really like doing it! I've been playing minecraft since 1.4.5 and still like it!
    I usually do freelance development, and I'm not working for one specific server.


    /arena: See "Instructions"
    /party: See "Party"
    /ranked: Play a ranked match
    /unranked: Play an unranked match
    /battle leave: Leave the waiting queue!
    /spectate <arena>: Spectate an arena
    /duel <type> <name>: Duel a player to do a 1v1! only works for 1v1 now!
    /battlestats or /battlestats <Player>: Shows your or another players stats!
    /battlekit : (Permission: Trainingpvp.createkit)
    /battlekit create <Name> - Create a new kit
    /battlekit setitem <Name> - Set the GUI item for a kit!
    /battlekit reload - Reload all kits!
    /battlekit setranked <Name> - Make a kit ranked
    /battlekit setunranked <Name> - Make a kit unranked
    /battlekit remove <Name> - Remove a kit
    /battlekit setinv <Name> - Set the inventory of a kit.
    (Battlekits also have the ability to use a players own items, see the config for this!)

    /elo - See your ELO!
    /elo top - See the ELO top 10!
    /elo <Player> - See a players ELO!

    /trainingpvp - Global command for trainingpvp.
    /trainingpvp stop - Stops your current game
    /trainingpvp stopall - Stops all active games! recommended before restarting
    /trainingpvp debug - shows debug messages
    /trainingpvp reloadstats - Reloads stats for the server, and saves them
    /trainingpvp stopserver - Stops the server, but first ends all games and saves data. Recommended to use this instead of /stop.

    First: Set your server lobby!
    /arena setserverspawn
    Create an arena:
    /arena create <name> <type>
    Set spawn 1:
    /arena setspawn1 <name>
    Set spawn 2:
    /arena setspawn2 <name>

    After this you'll have to do /arena reload, and everything is set up!
    You can now create a kit with /battlekit create <NAME>. This will use your current inventory.
    You can set the GUI Item for the kit with /battlekit setitem <KIT>, this will set the item in your hand to the GUI Item.
    You can play with /battle!

    /arena - trainingpvp.arena
    /battlekit - trainingpvp.createkit
    /unranked - trainingpvp.unranked
    /ranked - trainingpvp.ranked
    /spectate - trainingpvp.spectate
    /trainingpvp - trainingpvp.trainingpvp

    You can create parties!
    Do /party create

    /party create
    Creates a new party!
    /party invite <player>
    Invites a player for your party!
    /party join <PartyName>
    Join a party! (If you're invited!)
    /party kick <name>
    Kicks a player from your party!
    /party leave
    Leave your current party!
    /party view <Player>
    Get all details about a party!

    Some modes require you to be in a party, in example 2v2, Party Battle and Party FFA

    Starts a 1 VS 1 battle against a random player! (The next who does the battle :))
    Do a battle together with a friend against 2 other players!
    (I wasn't able to test this yet! I don't recommend to use this now! You can disable this in the config!)
    Party Battle:
    Your party Will be split!
    Its the first half of the party against the second half!
    This is always fun with friends!
    Party FreeForAll:
    Start a FFA Battle with your party members!
    Party VS party:
    Start a Battle against another party!

    This plugin also saves several statistics!
    - Kills during games
    - Deaths during games
    - Kill/Death ratio
    - Games Played
    - Games Won
    - Games Lost
    - ELO
    Number .. out of .. players.

    Since the newest versions there is also a scoreboard function, you can enable this in the config.
    WARNING: Only use this when you haven't got any other scoreboard plugins active, otherwise they will conflict!
    The Scoreboard will show up when a battle starts, and shows all alive players in the battle!
    There are several things which are usefull for developers!
    - GameStartEvent
    - GameEndEvent
    - PartyCreateEvent
    - PartyJoinEvent
    - PartyLeaveEvent

    If you want to get the stats for a player:
    Code (Text):

    TrainingPvPAPI t = TrainingPvPAPI.getInstance();
    int kills = t.getKills(Player);
    int deaths = t.getDeaths(Player);
    int elo = t.getELO(Player);

    Just add this plugin as External Jar and it should work!


    The first half will cover an setup tutorial, the second half is a demonstration of the plugin!

    Terms Of Service!
    By purchasing the plugin, you agree with the following rules:
    1. No redistributing. I got a lot of tools to find out who leaked my plugins, as several people recently found out.
    2. No editing without my permission.
    3. No return of money or chargebacks. If you have chargebacked the money, successfully or not, further access to the resource will be removed.
    4. Banned from SpigotMC.org? You won't receive any updates from me, or access to TrainingPvP anymore.
    5. The terms of services can change any time.
    6. Violating one of these rules will result in a report to the Spigot moderators and removal of any further access to the plugin.

    Bugs, Suggestions or questions?
    If you have anything of the above, please use the Discussion section! I try to add all suggestions, but it can sometime take a while. Please note, not all suggestions can be added.

    Please don't use the review section for bugs :)

    - Jeroen
    KyoRion, HauMf, Zed the Cat3 người khác thích điều này.

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